about David Birnbaum

The Ultimate Private Jeweler

DB1David Birnbaum is an internationally recognized Private Jeweler and gem expert. Committed to value and excellence, he is the premier choice among jewelry and gem connoisseurs.

The Private Jeweler firm of David Birnbaum / Rare 1 is known among cognoscenti worldwide for its commitment to exquisite quality. The firm is a unique and extraordinary boutique.
Over the years this ultimate boutique has developed a dynamic and fervently loyal client group. The firm’s discerning clientele ranges from young bankers to Heads-of-State.
In 1979 David Birnbaum became one of the youngest principals admitted to the De Beers “List.” He is, as well, a respected industry columnist.
Our firm has original and powerful global sourcing. The firm has won numerous international design awards and gemological citations. We have a truly extraordinary selection of fabulous jewels and rare gems. From 3-carat “solitaire” Engagement Rings to world class ensembles.
Every David Birnbaum / Rare 1 piece is crafted to ultra-demanding specifications, keeping in-mind the consistency and integrity of quality and design. In the realm of rare gem jewels, we are considered one of the world’s very most exclusive brands.